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As a company that understands what products are needed for a job well done, ensuring lasting and durable quality, Exacta Sales, Inc. has made it our mission to provide our clients with only the best. In business for 35 years, we’re the leading landscaping supplier in Honolulu, HI, known for our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Take advantage of our impressive inventory of materials for any project on your to-do list and our experience as the most innovative construction supplier in the region for your benefit. We specialize in assisting our customers with attentive customer service, effective materials, and cost-effective solutions.

Dukes Lane, Waikiki

Durable for You, Eco-Friendly for the Planet

When you choose Exacta Sales as your trusted construction and landscaping supplier, you’re making the choice to purchase high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly products that allow you and your team to deliver a superior finished product. The materials used to complete the job are vital for lasting results, so allow our team to help you get what you need. From mesh barriers and asphalt edging to subsurface water storage systems and sediment barriers, we stand behind every product we offer. You can be confident you’re making the right decision by choosing to work with us.

Our staff at Exacta Sales is here to provide you with the insight and expertise we’ve gathered working in this industry as a renowned landscaping supplier. Call today to speak with a staff member directly about how we can assist you. You can also reach out to us through our website for more information by utilizing the contact form.

Landscaping Products

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The first step in completing a successful landscaping project is to have the right material for the job. At Exacta Sales, we carry high-grade, durable materials that will give you your desired results.

Construction Products

Whether you know exactly what you need or would benefit from recommendations, we’re here to help. We’ll help you acquire the materials needed for your specific project.

Environmentally Friendly

We specialize in environmentally friendly, innovative construction and landscaping products that are manufactured to last. Our business has a desire to help local businesses without harming the planet.