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Grasspave 2 - Landscaping


Grasspave2 is a new landscaping product designed and manufactured by Invisible Structures, a Colorado based company. Grasspave2 was designed for overflow parking, pedestrian walkways, driveways, and a number of other applications. Some of the environmental advantages of Grasspave2 over the conventional pavers like gravel and concrete are:

1. Lower storm water runoff
2. Keeps the environment cooler
3. Aesthetically pleasing
4. Made of 100% recycled material

Unlike other types of grass pavers, Grasspave2 comes in rolls which makes for easy installation. Also due to the flexibility and design of this product, it can fit into any landscaped area with ease.

Grasspave2, because of it's strength, has the ability to withstand a lot of weight (5,720 psi). The picture to the right shows a firetruck using it's outrigger for stability. Because of the design and construction of Grasspave2, wheel ruts are non-existent.

Grasspave2 was also featured in The Honolulu Star Bulletin. If you would like to see the article on Grasspave2 you can visit their official website. Just click on the link andyou'll be directed to the article: http://starbulletin.com/2001/01/26/features/garden.html

For more information on Grasspave2, click Here.